Helpful SR22 Insurance Information

After Suspension for DUII

At the time you are eligible to reinstate your drivers license following a conviction of driving under the influence, the DMV will require you begin providing an SR22 certificate for a period of usually three years. This is not the case if you have been granted a diversion program. Once the program is complete, the DMV may drop the SR22 requirement.

Failure to Provide Proof

Here we're not talking about a ticket. Every car registered in the State of Oregon must have proof of minimum liability insurance. The DMV is connected electronically to each of the auto insurance companies doing business in the state.

If a car insurance company fails to provide an electronic confirmation that your car is insured, you could be subject to additional investigation. A police officer may be more likely to pull you over because the plate number is not showing proof of insurance associated with your car. The DMV may select you and your car in a random drawing to demonstrate on a given date that you had insurance. If you can not prove it satisfactorily to the Oregon DMV on that date you had insurance, then you would be required to file an SR22 certificate for three years. A lot of people are surprised when they get the little card notifying them they need to prove a registered car sitting in their driveway had to have insurance on it on a certain date.

Involved in an Uninsured Accident

Whether you were considered at fault or not at fault in an accident, if your car didn't have insurance on it at the time of an accident, you will be required to file an SR22 certificate for three years. The DMV may further impose a penalty of a mandatory one year suspension of
driving privileges of the driver involved in the accident.

Applying for a Hardship License

If your license is suspended due to an uninsured accident or conviction of some other serious infraction, you can apply for what is known as a Hardship Permit. During the period of your suspension, if you are approved for the Hardship license, you may drive from home to work, in the designated geographic area and during the approved schedule of time. If caught driving outside the area and time allowed under your Hardship permit instructions, you may be cited and convicted of driving while suspended and your Hardship permit withdrawn. During the Hardship period you would be required to carry insurance policy that provides an SR22 certificate.

Any Other Reason Required

A judge can order a driver to file an SR22 whenever he or she deems appropriate. For example, an emancipated minor who wishes to purchase a car and obtain a drivers license might be required to provide an SR22 until he or she reaches the age of majority.