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Where do I file my SR22 Certificate?

21 Jan 2013

airplane paratroopers hillsboro airshowAn original, signed SR22 certificate can be mailed to the DMV at the main address in Salem, Oregon:

DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR  97314
(503) 945-5000

We recommend that you physically take your SR22 certificate in to one of the Oregon DMV offices located around the State.

Click here for the official Oregon DMV Locations page for the most up-to-date listing and directions.

This will ensure you have a record that an SR22 filing has been submitted and they can review your account to be sure there are no other outstanding holds on your driving privileges. Not knowing that your license is suspended because of a failure of the DMV to receive your certificate is no excuse. If you visit one of the locations you can walk out with a receipt in your hand that proves you turned in your SR22 certificate. The receipt will be your guarantee and proof should an error occur and can help in having charges or other penalties dismissed if you are later charged with driving while suspended. Another way to file your SR22 is to have the insurance company send it in. This method still requires you follow up by calling (503) 945-5000 for Salem and Statewide or (503) 299-9999 in the Portland, Oregon area. Have your drivers license number at hand and ask if an SR22 filing has been received.  If not, please contact your agent or company to have them resend the filing. Expect about a week from the time your insurance company sends the SR22 certificate until it is logged into your DMV record. Most insurance companies mail the SR22 certificate with 24 hours of the date and time you buy and auto insurance policy with SR22.