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What Goes on an Oregon SR22 Certificate?

22 Jan 2013

The Department of Motor Vehicles of Oregon requires you to buy auto insurance that will offer an SR22 filing to be turned in to them if you were convicted of certain drivng infractions. The authentic certificate must have certain data items. Your name, address and drivers license number are critical to appear in the Oregon SR22 form. Also, the name of the auto insurance company, policy number and effective date of the policy must also appear. There is one item that can be different depending on whether you buy a policy that covers a car you own or you are buying a non-owner policy. A box will be checked that says you own a car and will list one or more cars on it that you own by year, make and vehicle identification number. If you don't own a car the box will be marked for a Named Operator policy.

The SR22 form has a specific format in which all the information is laid out so it can be easily entered into the system at the Salem, Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles SR22 processing unit. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORGE AN SR22 CERTIFICATE! That will get you into a lot of trouble. The Oregon DMV will cross reference the policy number with the company issuing the certificate who reports all policies they write in the State of Oregon. If the policy number you put on a FORGED SR22 filing doesn't match any known number under your name, then your account will be flagged for investigation.