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What is an SR22 Named Operator Policy?

21 Jan 2013

An SR22 Named Operator policy is a type of car insurance policy where only the operator or driver is named on the policy. The policy is so named because it assumes the insured driver does not owner a car. It is also more commonly known as a Non Owner policy. There are rare circumstances in which a driver must carry an SR22 certificate in order to keep his drivers license active but does not own a car. Strange, I know. Forced to buy insurance on a car that doesn't exist. But, since the laws in Oregon now require a car to be insured, not the driver, only car owners must buy insurance. A special type of policy, a Named Operator policy was created to fix a deficiency in this new approach to auto insurance regulation in the State of Oregon.

Sometimes the Named Operator policy is also referred to as a Broad Form policy. In Oregon, it does not. A Broad Form policy will cover a single driver for any car he drives, owned or not. That type of policy is not offered nor allowed in Oregon since around the mid 1990s.