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I Got a Letter from the Oregon DMV that Says I Need an SR22 but I don't Own a Car.

22 Jan 2013

You open a letter from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. It says you were convicted on such-and-such a day for some infraction and that you must provide for them an SR22 Certificate. You discover that an SR22 filing requires that you have insurance. Because that's what an SR22 is: Proof of Insurance for the DMV! But you don't own a car. You were convicted of some ticket or infraction driving someone else's car or you don't have the car anymore in which you got the ticket. What do you do now? And what is it that got you the SR22 requirement in the first place?

There are two or three really common reasons a driver might be required to carry an SR22. The requirement period is usually for three years from the day you are CONVICTED. That means the day you go to court and are found responsible or guilty for the DUI, Reckless or Driving with No Insurance infraction. Some drivers are surprised that the requirement goes well beyond three years from the citation date. The problem may be that it takes months or even a year to have your day in court. That's when the three year clock starts ticking. There are exceptions and it's always a good idea to call the Oregon DMV at 503-299-9999 to find out the exact PRU (Proof Required Until) date. Check out the articles below to see if one of these apply to you.

And yes, you can buy insurance to cover your license if you get convicted of a ticket that requires an SR22 filing. We can help. Call 503-693-2852 to find out more about your options.